Our two rice planting machinery through the identification of scientific and technological achievements

July 1, organized by the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department, commissioned by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Education in our hospital hosted by Professor Ma Xu hosted the completion of the “2SJB-500-type rice seedling seeding precision seeding line” and “2STB-2 Type rice field seeding precision planter “results appraisal meeting.

Chinese Academy of Sciences, Jilin University Academic Committee Director Ren Luquan served as the director of the Committee, the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Science and Technology Development Department, the state potato industry technology system processing equipment positions expert Yang Bingnan researcher and Jiangsu University of Agricultural Equipment Engineering Dean, doctoral tutor Professor Mao Heping as deputy director of the appraisal committee, the appraisal committee by the Zhejiang University Professor Jiang Huanyu, Rice Research Institute of Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences researcher Huang Qing, Guangdong Provincial Institute of Modern Agricultural Equipment Zhang Jinjiang, deputy director of Guangdong Agricultural Machinery Identification Station Xiong Yuanfang Deputy stationmaster.

Liu Peiwei, Vice Dean of School Science and Technology Department, Prof. Yang Zhou, Dean of the College, Prof. Lu Enli, Vice Dean of the School, and Prof. Ma Xu, Project Leader of the Department of Education, participated in the appraisal meeting. Chai Pei on the identification of the relevant procedures and requirements are described, announced and approved by the Panel of Experts.

The group carefully listened to the project leader Professor Ma Xu’s results report, access to scientific and technological achievements identification materials, technical drawings and identification of the draft, to watch the live demonstration. After the question and answer question, the appraisal committee thinks, “2SJB-500 rice seedling seedling seeding precision seeding line” strong technical innovation, adapt to a wide range of machine technology in the international advanced level in hybrid rice seedling less seeding, precision precision sowing Technology has reached the international leading level; “2STB-2 rice field seeding precision seeder” technology has obvious innovation, adaptability, precision seeding field sowing the key technology in the international advanced level, unanimously adopted two scientific and technological achievements appraisal.