The school of Engineering was formally established in 2001. It was reorganized based on four former units: The Teaching and Research Office of Agricultural Mechanization in 1958, Department of Agricultural Mechanization in 1961, Department of Agricultural Engineering in 1984, and Institute of Engineering and Technology in 1993. Currently, about 3306 students are enrolled in the school. 102 faculty and staff members work in the school, among which there are 20 with Senior Title, 34 with Vice-senior Title, 46 with Doctor degree and 14 doctoral supervisors. Professor Luo Xiwen is a member of Chinese Academy of Engineering and also a national renowned teacher. Professor Lan Yubin is a expert of national “Thousand Talent Program” . Professor Yang Zhou is a technological innovation leading talent of national “Ten Thousand Talent Program” . Professor Lu Huazhong is a member of agricultural engineering evaluation group of Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council. Professor Hong Tiansheng is a pacesetter of higher education in Guangdong Province and a advanced individual of nationwide teacher morality. Lu Zhonghua, Hong Tiansheng, Liu Qingting, and Ma Xu serve as scientists in national modern agricultural industry system. Luo Xiwen, Hong Tiansheng and Li Changyou receive the State Council special allowance.

    The school of Engineering is equipped with a postdoctoral research station of Agricultural Engineering, first level disciplines authorized to offer doctorate degrees and master degrees, a first level discipline of Mechanical Engineering authorized to offer master degrees and 2 second level disciplines authorized to
offer master degrees. The Agricultural Mechanization Engineering is a national key discipline. The first level discipline of Agricultural Engineering is Guangdong key discipline. The school of Engineering now currently incorporates seven bachelor programs: Agricultural Mechanization And Its Automation-a national characteristic specialty, Machinery Design, Manufacturing and Automation-a Guangdong characteristic specialty, Transportation-a well-known brand specialty, Vehicle Engineering, Industrial Design, Electrical Engineering and Its Automation and Automatization.

    The Agricultural Mechanics Teaching Group is a national teaching group. The course of Agricultural Mechanics is a national quality curriculum and is shared with other Chinese universities. Besides, the course got a National Teaching Achievement Prize and six Provincial Teaching Achievement prizes.

    Now the teaching and research building area is more than 19000 square km, with 11258 instruments and equipment costing above 72.5 million. The Laboratory of key Technology on Agricultural Machine and Equipment is a key laboratory of Education Ministry and Guangdong Province. The Laboratory of Paddy Agricultural Equipment Technology is a key laboratory of the Ministry of Agriculture. In the school, there are three research centers of national modern agricultural production technology system, one National Experimental Teaching Demonstrating Center of Agricultural Engineering and three experimental demonstration centers of Guangdong Province. We have more than 30 practice and research bases outside the university. We are specially excellent in the research of paddy production mechanization, southern featured crops production mechanization and precision farming. In the recent five years, we have been in charge of 94 technological research projects and have published above 900 papers including 276 papers on SCI and El. We have published 26 monographs and textbooks and got 56 authorized patents which won 7 national and ministerial level research achievements awards. Now we are in charge of 65 science and research projects including Agro-scientific Research in the Public Interest and Twelve-Five science and technology support programs. The total project fund is more than 100 million.

    Our school have established academic exchange and cooperative relationship with many universities and institutes in the world, such as
Silsoe Research Institute, Washington State University, University of Massachusetts, University of Kentucky, Kansas State University, Oklahoma State University, McGill University, French National Institute of Agricultural Research, The University of
Sydney, University of Southern Queensland, The University of Tokyo, Yamagata University, Prince of Songkla University and so on.