Prof. Aytan Ezion, the famous Irish irrigation and water supply expert in Israel, gave a lecture

On September 12th, 2016, Professor Eytan Ezion, an expert on landscape irrigation and water supply technology, was invited by the Engineering College to give a wonderful academic report to teachers and students. Professor Luen Li, vice president of the school presided over the report.

Dr. Eytan Ezion gave a lecture on “Modern Engineering Technologies of Water and Energy Saving in Agriculture”. His example of Israel’s production and development of the garden industry need to pay attention to the import and export of agricultural products, geographical conditions, seasonal distribution of climate, resource conservation and other key issues, which introduced the Israeli garden irrigation water supply technology and equipment , Shows the garden drip irrigation technology using micro-controllable water volume of the special water pipes and plants can be automatically controlled according to the amount of drip irrigation control equipment. He also showed his achievements under the garden drip irrigation technology, lush gardens and fruitful people on the garden irrigation and water supply technology research amazed, but also for teachers and students to provide a new garden irrigation water supply technology reference and challenge .
At the end of the presentation, Dr. Eytan Ezion discussed the issues raised by the students and shared some of his academic experiences and experiences. (Text / map Engineering Institute Huang Weifeng)